Curtis Marshall

DSV Curtis Marshall was designed specifically for renewable energy, dive support, survey work and general repair/maintenance. The vessel is also proven within the oil and gas industry providing a range of services.

A highly capable, flexible platform for dive, ROV and survey support

The Curtis Marshall is a 26m Dive Support Vessel (DSV) which offers a number of features unusual for vessels of this size. An on-board decompression chamber, integrated dive control, ballast transfer capability and a four point mooring system provide a safe and reliable working platform.

With a duration of up to 21 days for up to 12 charterer personnel, this flexible vessel has also been proven on complex geophysical campaigns. Acquiring multibeam bathymetry, side scan sonar, magnetometer and sub-bottom profiler data, the Curtis Marshall benefits from a spacious working deck space, 3 survey pole mounts, a 5T A-Frame with 3.5T integrated winch and 2 x 8m boom arms.

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“With an experienced and extremely resourceful crew and shore support team, the Curtis Marshall makes for an ideal Cat 1 vessel option.”

"Ocean Ecology have contracted the DSV Curtis Marshall for a variety of marine environmental and geophysical surveys in recent years, proving herself to be a safe and stable platform in challenging conditions. The vessel can be set up to support grab, camera, ROV and full geophysical spread with ample deck space to allow for simultaneous multi-discipline setups. "

-  Gary Robinson - Operations Director - Ocean Ecology


Length (LOA)26m - 24m Waterline
ClassMGN 280 - MCA Category 1 - 150 miles from Safe Haven
EnginesTwin Doosan 4V158TIH engines each producing 530BHP coupled to 60" props.
Economical Speed10 knots
Accommodation18 berth (6 crew + 12 charterer personnel)
Endurance14 to 21 days
Fuel consumption100l/hr @ 11 knots
Life Raft2 x 16 man life raft with auto deployment

Main craneATLAS EK6500 tonne, column-mounted, 12.5T - 4 drop hook, 3T - single drop hook
Control OptionsEither seated operation or remote control
A-Frame6 tonnes 2.4m internal clearance
A-Frame mounted winch3.5T

Fuel capacity13.5m3
Fresh water21m3
Hydraulic Oil500l
Grey Water2.5m3
Black Water2.5m3

Deck SpaceMain deck 75m2
Max Deck Load35 tonne
Container InstallationTwistlocks installed for a 20 foot container centrally positioned on deck
Option for a 10 foot container aft of wheelhouse

Allen Bradley Micro 850 PLC control system with Beijer HMI
Kobelt electonic propulsion controls with full walkabout vessel control
Navnet 3D MFDBB black box system
3 x 19" display at helm station including dedicated video
Furuno DRS12A 6 ft open array radar scanner
Furuno 1835 stand alone back up radar
BBDS1 ground discrimination module with airmar through hull transdcucer for surveying.
SC-50 satellite compass
FA-150 AIS transponder
Navtex receiver including printer
Felcom 18 Inmarsat C earth station
FM9800 VHF

Vessel Capabilities

Dive Support
Dive Support
Hydrographic, Geophysical and UXO Survey
Hydrographic, Geophysical and UXO Survey
ROV Support
ROV Support
Environmental Surveys
Environmental Surveys

Unique Bow Fender Assembly

Designed specifically for the offshore wind market, the vessel is equipped with a bespoke design bow fender for engaging with the wind turbine fender. Since launch, the vessel has been proven in safely accessing surf ladders, in conjunction with Dive Support operations.

Ballast Water Transfer System

With a fresh water capacity of circa 21,000 litres, water can be transferred between either of the two aft tanks and the forward tank.

5 Tonne Lift Capacity

The location of the Atlas crane on the port side of the main deck allows DSV Curtis Marshall to lift 5T over the side of the vessel. The system is typically rigged with a Single Drop Hook with a 3 tonne capacity, but can be mobilised with a 4 Drop Hook configuration providing 5 tonne over the side.

Full Walkabout Vessel Control

Bespoke walkabout control system detachable from the helm position which can control all four mooring winches, steering, propulsion and bow thruster.

Vessel Bridge

The spacious wheelhouse provides a 360 degree view, with the large area aft of the wheelhouse available for survey equipment installation and 3 dedicated workstations for charterer personnel.  

Features include:

  • Control of 4 point mooring system while monitoring winches.
  • Walkabout Control can be docked next to helm or in front of CCTV screen.
  • Clear-Com intercom link to dive control, mess room and deck.
  • CCTV dome camera for all round vessel monitoring.


Capable 3 diver system
Capable 3 diver system
Generous deck space
Generous deck space
Dedicated survey deployment options
Dedicated survey deployment options

Dive Support

The DSV Curtis Marshall is a highly capable Dive Support Vessel, offering many features unusual for vessels of this size.

Built to IMCA D023 standard, the three-diver system allows for rapid mobilisation. Supported and maintained by Sub Aqua Diving Services, the vessel has completed hundreds of successful air dives.

The vessel benefits from a high capacity deck area for diving containers, accommodation onboard for up to 12 charterer personnel, and high specification IT and communication equipment such as Diver CCTV, Clear-Com system, and UPS's for all dive equipment.

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Dive System Overview

3 Diver system
Onboard 13 Bar LP Compressor
Inboard HP Compressor for HP bottle recharge
16 Bar HP system
3 x 175m umbilicals
3 integrated 200 litre LP Air receivers
3 x Diver CCTV inc Hard disk recording
UPS backup for all Dive equipment
Clear-Com communications with Bridge & entire vessel
Intergrated foothole ladder within hullform for water access
Bespoke Integrated Container for equipment storage
Rescue davits port and starboard
Bespoke Container
Bespoke Container
Platform at stern for alternate diving option
Platform at stern for alternate diving option
3 Diver system Onboard
3 Diver system Onboard

ROV Support

The Curtis Marshall offers a stable and versatile platform for ROV survey and inspection campaigns.

With the generous deck space available ROV operations can be carried out on their own or in conjunction with the inbuilt Dive system. A 20ft container for an ROV can be fitted leaving enough space to access the deck all round.

Features include:

  • Capacity to accommodate ROV control centre on vessel bridge
  • A-Frame Launch
  • Crane Launch
  • Capacity for dedicated LARS at the stern
  • Accommodates light work class such as Saab Seaeye Cougar XT ROV.
Large working back deck
Large working back deck
Multiple deployment options
Multiple deployment options
Endurance of 14-21 days
Endurance of 14-21 days

Hydrographic, Geophysical & UXO Survey

The vessel is extremely adaptable, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide bespoke in house engineering to enable the vessel to carry out any task required.

With our in-house fabrication facilities we can manufacture adapters for any piece of equipment at a moments notice. This capability along with options for towing sidescan sonars and magnetometers, makes the vessel a capable and flexible survey solution.

The vessel offers 3 survey pole options which can be used to mount USBL transceivers, sub bottom profilers and multibeam echosounders. For survey campaigns, our offline processing office replaces the diving equipment container to maximise onboard processing capability.

The vessel is also exceptionally fuel-efficient, and can use as little as 15-20 litres per hour at a survey speed of 5 knots.

Previous survey spreads include:

  • Multibeam Echosounder
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Innomar Sub Bottom Profiler
  • Towed Magnetometer Array
  • Environmental Sampling Equipment
3 survey pole-mount options
3 survey pole-mount options
Pole-mounted sub bottom profiler
Pole-mounted sub bottom profiler
Dedicated survey processing office
Dedicated survey processing office
Multibeam Bathymetry acquired using a NORBIT IWMBS MBES
Multibeam Bathymetry acquired using a NORBIT IWMBS MBES
Over the side pole-mount
Over the side pole-mount
2 x 8m Boom Arms
2 x 8m Boom Arms
6 Tonne A-Frame with 3.5T winch
6 Tonne A-Frame with 3.5T winch

Exceptional Accommodation

Unlike many vessels of this size, DSV Curtis Marshall has been designed to comfortably accommodate 12 charterer personnel for up to 21 days. 

The onboard accommodation includes:

  • 18 POB including 12 for charterers
  • 4 x double berths and 2 x triple berths below decks, each with sinks
  • 2 double berths above deck, including double skipper's berth with en-suite.
  • 4 x toilets and 4 x showers
  • Spacious Galley with seating for 8
  • Galley features a steam oven, hob, microwave, grill, 3 x fridges and 2 x freezers.
  • Mess room with TV and other facilities
  • Wheelhouse with 360-degree views
  • 21,000 litres of fresh water on board
  • Hot drink station accessible from deck
  • Storage area for work/wet gear
  • Laundry facilities
Comfortable galley area
Comfortable galley area
All cabins offer Freesat TV and wash basins
All cabins offer Freesat TV and wash basins
Dedicated working areas in each cabin
Dedicated working areas in each cabin

Vessel Drawings

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Learn more about the Curtis Marshall in our vessel specification. 


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